Patient Portal

Virginia Eye Center offers you the capability to access your electronic health record. By accessing your electronic health record, you can:

  • ŸCorrespond with Virginia Eye Center through a secure, electronic messaging system Ÿ
  • Request Appointments and prescription refills Ÿ
  • Print out summaries of your office visits
  • Obtain educational information about your condition(s) Ÿ
  • View information we have on file regarding your medications and medical history

To access this information from your own computer, please follow these instructions:

You may click here

Alternatively, you may type in the address on your own using  – (no www). Please note that you will not be able to access the information via Internet Explorer, Chrome or any other internet browser.

Your Username is:
First initial of first name, last name, numeric month and day of birth (not case sensitive)
ex: esmith0131

Your Password is:
Upper case initial of first name, lower case first initial of last name, last 5 digits of social security number ex. Es20978 *If no SS# is on file, password is Upper case initial of first name, lower case first initial of last name, birthday to include month, day, 4 digit year ex. Es01311956


To send the office a secure message, use the “Contact Us” tab. Select the Recipient of your message.

Send a Message to ADMIN for the following types of requests: Ÿ

  • Appointment requests Ÿ
  • Medical Records requests (Please note that you have access to your office visits through the portal. Otherwise, there is a charge for the office to copy records for you.) Ÿ
  • General Administrative or Billing questions

Send a Message to SURGERY for scheduling or clinical questions related to cataract surgery.

Send a Message to CONTACT LENSES for questions concerning: Ÿ

  • Ordering contact lenses or obtaining prices of contact lenses
  • ŸObtaining a copy of your contact lens prescriptions Ÿ
  • Checking status of a previously placed contact lens order

Send a Message to CLINICAL for the following types of requests: Ÿ

  • Medication refill requests Ÿ
  • Copies of eyeglass prescriptions
  • ŸGeneral medical questions, not related to cataract surgery

Should you wish to update any personal information such as address, telephone number, pharmacy, medications, etc. please update the information under Patient Info and SAVE and Send a message to the office per the above instructions to ‘ADMIN’. The office will not be aware of your changes unless you inform us via a message.

Please call our office at 703.858.9800 if you have any questions.

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